"Gaia’s chosen warriors, the Ahroun defend their brethren with all of their Rage, ready to die to protect against minions of the Wyrm."

Nickname: The Warrior

Moon: Full Moon

Ahroun Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Adelaida Pajari Buffy the Wyrm Slayer / Faces the Fire Ahroun Silver Fangs Cliath Homid Unofficial Helper to the Den Parent PC
Angus Buchanan Fists of Thunder Fianna Ahroun Fostern Homid PC
Bogie (aka Thomas Beauregarde) Long Wait Long Kill, Kills from a Mile, Purity of Vision Glass Walkers Ahroun Adren Homid PC
Daciana Emilianescu Belladonna's Mistress, Stalks the Wyrm Shadow Lords Ahroun Fostern Homid Sept Beta, Eldest Shadow Lord PC
Fiona The Forgotten One, Talks with Herself, Stares Back from the Abyss Fianna Ahroun Adren Metis PC
Jesse Carley Unicorn Moon, Seek Wisdom, Question the Mirror, Raging Storm of Gaia's Wrath, ??? Children of Gaia (Born to Black Furies) Ahroun Elder Homid PC
Logan Bloody Kill, Never Rests When Hunts, Unleashes the Rage Get of Fenris Ahroun Adren Homid Sept Alpha, Eldest Get of Fenris PC
Silvermoon Pride's Teeth, Gaia's Light Silver Fangs Ahroun Fostern Lupus PC