"Well-known as tricksters, the cunning Ragabash combat the Wyrm with cleverness."

Nickname: The Trickster

Moon: New Moon

Ragabash Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Antony Parkins Shadow Lords Ragabash Cliath Homid PC
Arashi Shadow Lords Ragabash Fostern Lupus PC
Dakota Mischief's Pride Bone Gnawers Ragabash Cliath Lupus PC
Daniella Keats Fitzgerald Hopes Sacrifice, Strives to Live the Litany, Follows Heart and Duty, Remembers Sacrifice, Gentle One Favored of the Wyld, Rides the Whirlwind, Fans the Flames, Distracts the Wyrm Glass Walkers Ragabash Elder Homid Eldest Glasswalker, Eldest Ragabash PC Eldest Ragabash
Dunkin Donuts Find the City Heart, Sacrifice for Gaia, Laugh At Defeat, Lie about His Deed Bone Gnawers Ragabash Elder Homid City Warder PC
Jamie Wolf Bone Gnawers Ragabash Athro Homid PC
Lorelei Davidson None Get of Fenris PB Ragabash Cub Homid PC