"Sensitive and wise, the Seers can speak to spirits and are familiar with the spirit-world."

Nickname: The Seer

Moon: Crescent

Theurge Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Adrian (aka Neon Blue) Neon Blue Glass Walkers Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Alexander Shadow Lords Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Dryft Uktena Theurge Cliath Homid PC
Georgia Harris Argues for Gaia Children of Gaia Theurge Cliath Homid PC
Lily Burnett Bone Gnawers Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Minds the Gap (aka Bethany) Patient Tears, Tears of Gaia, Minds the Gap, Spirit of Gaia Children of Gaia Theurge Athro Metis Gatekeeper PC
Tobias Trevinson Eldest Theurge