Bailey Simons Rumors


  • Bailey is really not as nice as she might seem. She's a home-wrecker and a problem-maker!
  • Bailey's husband did not die in the hive dive - he was converted. And now, he wants her back.
  • Bailey collects men the way some people collect baseball cards.
  • Bailey is half wood Nymph, which is why so many men are falling all over themselves to claim her!
  • Bailey is not nearly as pathetic as she appears - she is a trained ninja and will mess you up!
  • Bailey has been spending an awful lot of time with Bogie. Common thought is that he will claim her sooner rather then later.
  • Bailey up and disappeared on Bogie less than a year after he claimed her.
  • She's a bit of a slut, and she ran off with another man!
  • After two years of being away, she showed up in the middle of the night without the kids…