Bloody Handed Eagle

Those who are dead, missing, or have just moved on will not be forgotten.


NameBloody handed eagle

Tribe Get of fenris

Auspice Theurge

Rank Fostern

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
giant blood splatter type scar / birthmark on his entire top half
Bloody Handed Eagle is a 6 foot tall male. He has ragged and matted dark hair which is about shoulder length. He wears nothing on his top half, which reveals a large blood red stain on his torso. It looks like a blood splatter that covers his arms, torso, back and parts of his face. With some gazing you can see it resembles a eagleHe wears a pair of dark fur trousers which are slightly baggy and are bound in fabric at his shins. He wears no shoes. He wears a necklace symbolising the Get of Fenris and Has a scar underneath each eye runnnig down his cheek, the scar loks as though made by an animal claw. His body despite the tattoo is covered in dark red scars. {Get of Fenris Pure Breed 1}

Pack N/A

==Information known to the Nation==
he has never had a pack

Kin / family
Mate Sabina
step children
Mitrianna (just claimed her as his adopted daughter)

Rites and Chalenges
Recently Passes his fostern Challange is curently in the middle of challange for beta


== Rumors ==
he is touched as if by a curse though what kind is unknown


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