Char Appoval Notes

Approval Requirements

Fostern/Equivalent Requirements

  • A minimum of a page of background which includes their RoP and rank challenge
  • Appropriate Lores and skills for their rank
  • Garou/Fera Lore 2 minimum
  • Capable in combat
  • Able to do what they're supposed to be able to do

Cliath/Equivalent Requirements

  • Some level of background which includes their RoP
  • Appropriate Lores and skills for their rank
  • Garou/Fera Lore 1 minimum
  • Somewhat capable in combat

Kin Requirements

  • Some level of background which includes why they're involved with Garou
    • "I'm a kin" is not good enough
    • You can be kin without ever being involved with Garou
  • Were they raised near a sept?
    • Did their immunity to the delirium get them found?
  • What do they do as kin? How do they make themselves useful?

Specials Requirements
Includes Fera, Intermediate powers, Psychic numina, Sorcery, Custom powers…

  • Written-up background of why you have this, how you acquired it and what you do with it
    • "I was born with it" is not good enough - how did you discover you had it, how did you learn to control it?
  • Book name, page numbers and an overview of what the power(s) does
    • Or a full write-up for custom powers
  • Why you want it
    • "Because it's cool" is not good enough
    • Neither is "it fits my concept so well!"

Cub Requirements

  • Not meeting any of the above sets of requirements

All Character Requirements

  • Rough idea of what the character is like personality-wise or what the concept is
  • Apparent reasons for any unusual skills, specialties or other traits
  • Reasoning for their character to be in Alaska
  • Appropriate traits for the concept
  • Doesn't break the "not permitted" rules
  • Traits fit the concept and the background
  • Merits and Flaws are appropriate and not just there for points/boosts
  • Immediate family ties
    • Including links to famous people/canon characters


  • If you're playing with spirits, you need Spirit Lore
    • Most Garou should probably have minimum Spirit Lore 1
  • If you're Umbra-diving a lot, you need Umbra Lore
    • A lot of Garou should have Umbra Lore
  • Garou should have at least one dot of Tribal Lore
  • All shifters should have their appropriate Garou/Fera Lore at least equal to their rank