Children Of Gaia List Garou Page
Children Of Gaia Garou
Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Alexandra O'Reilly Hopes Healing Hands Children of Gaia Philodox Athro Homid Head Warder PC
Ailith Eagles Remembers the Dead, Sings of the Four Winds Children of Gaia Philodox Fostern Homid Caller of the Wyld PC
Garrett Elliott Sings the Good Tale, Weeps for the Past Children of Gaia Galliard Fostern Homid Keeper of the Land, Eldest Galliard PC
Georgia Harris Argues for Gaia Children of Gaia Theurge Cliath Homid PC
Jesse Carley Unicorn Moon, Seek Wisdom, Question the Mirror, Raging Storm of Gaia's Wrath, ??? Children of Gaia (Born to Black Furies) Ahroun Elder Homid PC
Minds the Gap (aka Bethany) Patient Tears, Tears of Gaia, Minds the Gap, Spirit of Gaia Children of Gaia Theurge Athro Metis Gatekeeper PC