Fostern List

Fostern Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Adrian (aka Neon Blue) Neon Blue Glass Walkers Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Alexander Shadow Lords Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Ailith Eagles Remembers the Dead, Sings of the Four Winds Children of Gaia Philodox Fostern Homid Caller of the Wyld PC
Angus Buchanan Fists of Thunder Fianna Ahroun Fostern Homid PC
Arashi Shadow Lords Ragabash Fostern Lupus PC
Daciana Emilianescu Belladonna's Mistress, Stalks the Wyrm Shadow Lords Ahroun Fostern Homid Sept Beta, Eldest Shadow Lord PC
Garrett Elliott Sings the Good Tale, Weeps for the Past Children of Gaia Galliard Fostern Homid Keeper of the Land, Eldest Galliard PC
Lily Burnett Bone Gnawers Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Mickey O'Rourke Bellows the Wyrms Bane Fianna Galliard Fostern Homid PC
Nikolay Dimitrov Quotes the Litany Shadow Lords Philodox Fostern Homid PC
Silvermoon Pride's Teeth, Gaia's Light Silver Fangs Ahroun Fostern Lupus PC