Glass Walkers List Garou Page

Glass Walkers Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Adrian (aka Neon Blue) Neon Blue Glass Walkers Theurge Fostern Homid Head Warder PC
Arthur Warwick
Bogie (aka Thomas Beauregarde) Long Wait Long Kill, Kills from a Mile, Purity of Vision Glass Walkers Ahroun Adren Homid PC
Brendan Keats Cunning Shot Glass Walkers Philodox Cliath Homid PC
Daniella Keats Fitzgerald Hopes Sacrifice, Strives to Live the Litany, Follows Heart and Duty, Remembers Sacrifice, Gentle One Favored of the Wyld, Rides the Whirlwind, Fans the Flames, Distracts the Wyrm Glass Walkers Ragabash Elder Homid PC
John Cipriani (aka Peacemaker) Glass Walkers Philodox Athro Homid Eldest Glass Walker, Eldest Philodox PC Eldest Glass Walker