Kadlin Kalvsdottir

Those who are dead, missing, or have just moved on will not be forgotten.


Player: Mandy or Kitty_OoC

Aliases: Kade

Creature Type: Get of Fenris Kinfolk

Notable Traits


* She has 5 appearance traits
* She has pb x3 with Get of Fenris
* She does have some scarring, though, one main one that was put there by Fenris himself


Kadlin is a 5'11" and about 129lbs. Her long, blond locks frame about her face while a pair of blue eyes stare out around herself. Her body is lean and tone as she moves with graceful ease. She is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with a pair of denim jeans over a pair of leather boots. About her neck, she wears a silver chain with a pendant on it that resembles a wolf's(Fenris') head holding onto thor's hammer. (Image to the right is the pendant)



* Mother, Joslyn, Clashes with Thor's Might, Adren Modi of Get of Fenris (Dead)
* Father, Kalv Kavangh, kinfolk of Get of Fenris (Dead)
* Cousin, Sabina Svensson, Kinfolk of Get of Fenris and mate of BHE
* Unborn child of hers to Hoss (No one knows icly at all)-Due around September 7, 2010

Common Knowledge

* Survived ambush attack of Black Spiral dancers over her home sept in northern Washington town that she was born and raised at.
* Mother was Joslyn, Clashes with Thor's Might, Adren Modi of the Get of Fenris; She died within that ambush attack at the sept and kept her daughter hidden with her body.
* Bares a mark from Fenris, showing that he is tied to her as a personal totem.


* Sparred with another kin, Helmar, and garou, Eric, of her tribe, both male, and basically whooped both of their asses..or some say that they let her win..
* Really seems to like the game of cricket.. seriously
* Was told that she needed the bitch knocked off her shoulder.. It's still there..
* Is torn between two men….


Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Calling her is the best way to get her.