Keith Rodger's House

Keith Rodger's House


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In the Kinkfolk town of Serenity.

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Main Room:
The Main room is a circular room, outlining the room is a luscious garden, the roof top is made of thick glass that allow sun light to enter the room

Along the garden wall there is doors that lead to other rooms, near the first door is a wash bin much like your grandmother's grandmother likely had, and a wash tub. Above it is clothing line that rest under some heat lamps. Next to that is a stone shower that made to look like a waterfall when operating or if the hot tub turn on can be use as a hot tub or a normal tub.

There is a pot belly stove with a grill and a freezer and fridge off to the side for a kitchen, at the center is a sand pits like you seen in monastery with rake for drawing design in it. the sands is mingle with soft herbs to give it a soft scent, lupus friendly. at the center of the sandpits is a floor table deck out to look like trees stump with pillow for folks to sit on the floor.

Guest Room: Door 1
off to the side is a full size bathroom with a toliet, showers, look big enough to hold 3 crinos snug, continuing down past the bathroom lead to 6 huge bed looking made for crinos size garou like metis, the bed look firm and solid for ease in handling weight and strength…past the set of 6 beds lead to a huge living room where there is a large couch that round about before a huge big screen tv with lazy boy chairs and rocking chairs with stand for drinks and coffee table made to look like two bondage women holding up a glass table top…all looking very expensive and would make a great hotel or something

Work Room: Door 2
Filled with high tech equipment for sawing, shaping and carving wood and making furniture….the room is kept remarkably clean with the machine tended too with care and the floor swept. there is a fan to suck up the saw dust and safely tools near by. Several degree of furniture and such set about in various stage of development

Massage Room: Door 3