Near The Sept

Locations Near the Sept

Locations Near the Sept
Location Channel Character(s) Brief Description of the Location
in Control with Access
Serenity #LS-Serenity Serenity is a small kinfolk village / commune about ten minutes south of the Leaping Stag meeting hall. The village has a few streets, a small local swimming pool, an old-fashioned store that stocks a lot of fair-trade and eco-friendly products and doubles up as supermarket, gift-shop, post-office and hardware store. It also has a small internet cafe like area and a clinic. A few houses are scattered beyond the village. The village has an offical status as a commune and new incomers are controlled by the commune council (all kinfolk, led by Benjamin Rodgers). There is a small school here for the few local children. Like the hall, Serenity has its own generators for emergencies, but it has a number of wind generators and solar cells around it as well.
Serenity Clinic
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