Personal Rooms/Homes

Personal Rooms/Homes
Location Channel Character(s) Brief Description of the Location
in Control with Access
Offices in the Meeting Hall Building
Daciana's Office #LS-DacianaOffice Daciana Emilianescu Those Invited Daciana's office is at the end of the hall where there is no foot traffic to and from the other offices. It has a desk and shelves with books and other items. In front of the desk is comfortable seating arranged like a tiny sitting room where she conducts most of her meetings. The door is kept locked when not in use and often during meetings.
Daniella's Office Daniella Those Invited
Logan's Office Logan Those Invited
Peacemaker's Office Peacemaker Those Invited
Rooms in the Meeting Hall Dorms
#LS-BaerPlace Sarah and Calvin Baer Those Invited
#LS-BiryukovPlace Adelaida and Vladislav Biryukov Those Invited
#LS-BrynjaLoganPlace Brynja and Logan Those Invited
#LS-DacianaPlace Daciana Emilianescu Bethany, Ryan Hitchcock, and Those Invited
Other Areas on the Sept
The Forge Apartment #LS-Forge-Apt Brynja Halldórsdóttir Calvin Baer, Logan, and Those Invited
Keith Rodgers's House #LS_KeithHome Keith Rodgers Those Invited
Fenrir Pride Pack Territory
Other Areas Near the Sept
Dunkin's Box #LS_DunkinRoom Dunkin Bonegnawers and Those Invited
Other Areas