Mitrianna Gregorva

Those who are dead, missing, or have just moved on will not be forgotten.


Name: Mitrianna Gregorva
Deed Name Judges the field

Tribe Get of Fenris

Auspice Phillodox (Forsetti)

Rank Cliath

Breed Homid

Pack Fenrir Pride

Notable Traits
She is a young nordic woman in her early 20's oddly pale with shoulder length honey blonde hair, deep icy blue green eyes like the frozen sea. she has a 5'6" strong athletic body but yet seems frail

She now has a burn scar on her right shoulder
4 appearance traits
rather pale
friendly face
soothing voice
pure breed 3

==Information known to the Nation==

When she arrived she was rarely seen in sunlight unless wearing a hoodie jeans and gloves
She is seeking a new home and new life after her intended mate disgraced her and left her for another

She suffered from Polymorphic light eruption (PMLE)

She stayed with Bloody Handed Eagle and his family as he has claimed her as his daughter when she first arrived

She had been seen with the get of fenris Calvin Baer seeming to be getting pretty friendly Until he disappeared for some time then returned

Also seems to have taken a liking to Red Fangs the mokole as a friend

Had fallen in love with the new glasswalker kin Jack Stevens moved to the nearby villiage with him to be his mate until he too seemed to leave.

She went back to her home sept for a time only to feel ashamed at what she had done that she came back and jsut stayed in her room drinking and being alone. She finally seemed to come out of her depression and get back on track with her life as any strong Fenrir would.

She recently shifted during a fight with BHE and no longer is inflicted with the PMLE

Her childhood friend Svenladin had tracked her down as well as her half brother Logan

She found love in an old friend James Roach who came to find her and proved to be the one for her and claimed him as her mate

She earned her rank from a great battle with hundreds of banes. she fought alongside her brother logan, Breymir, Hoss, and Hannah Morgan after much hard work to prove she was ready.


Kin / family
Johan Gregorva - Father
Miriam Gregorva - Mother
Logan Gregorva -Half Brother
James Roach - Mate

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