Nisha Rumors


  • There were rumors within the homeless community, that like all pretty girls in her situation she has traded her body for money or a warm place to sleep at least once. However the rumor mill cannot agree if from this grew regret for the liaison, or how many times this was rumored to have taken place. It varies between "only once" and "on a regular basis".
  • These rumors only got more complex when Nisha moved in with Myra, and later when she stopped being a resident of the sidewalks altogether, as she didn't want to cause an upset with the blessings that had found her. To most of her homeless peers, she simply vanished, and most assumed that she embraced the oldest trade in history willingly.

The above rumors are within human society, not many within the Sept would be aware of them, but you never know what might come up during the course of investigations or conversation

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