Philodox List

Philodox Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Adrianna Monroe Past Pains Future Uktena Philodox Cliath Metis PC
Alexandra O'Reilly Hopes Healing Hands Children of Gaia Philodox Athro Homid Head Warder PC
Ailith Eagles Remembers the Dead, Sings of the Four Winds Children of Gaia Philodox Fostern Homid Caller of the Wyld PC
Brendan Keats Cunning Shot Glass Walkers Philodox Cliath Homid PC
John Cipriani (aka Peacemaker) Glass Walkers Philodox Athro Homid Eldest Glass Walker, Eldest Philodox PC Eldest Philodox
Michael Carletta Glass Walkers Philodox Adren Homid PC
Nikolay Dimitrov Quotes the Litany Shadow Lords Philodox Fostern Homid PC