The Breeds

The Garou are one of the Changing Breeds, those who are an amalgamation of human and animal. To the humans and wolves, however, Garou are half-breeds and never truly accepted into their societies. Though the Garou depend on one another during daily living, they must turn to their full-blooded human and wolf relatives for mating.

The offspring from a union between two werewolves suffer from various maladies, deformities and sterility. Worse yet, these metis are born in Crinos form and unable to change for eight years of life, requiring that they be raised away from society. It is for these reasons that Garou law prohibits reproduction between two werewolves, with
a punishment that ostracizes the guilty parties from Garou society as much, if not more, than their metis offspring.

The Garou closely watch over their human and wolf kin with whom they breed, and pay even closer attention to their offspring for signs of the recessive gene that dictates they have “bred true.” A truly successful birthing between a Garou and human or wolf results in another Garou while the more common birth is to a non-changing human or wolf, known as Kinfolk. Though either parent has an equal chance to pass on recessive shapeshifting gene, the mother determines a Garou’s breed.

Your breed also determines how close to Gaia you are. Homids are considered to have slipped away from her, while lupus have a strong inner connection to the Earth Mother and Her works.

There are three breeds in Garou society to choose: homid (born to humans), lupus (born to wolves) and metis (born from the union of two Garou).

The Breeds
Nickname Initial Gnosis Beginning Gifts General Information
Ape 1 Master of Fire, Persuasion, Smell of Man You were born human. As a teenager you were plagued with vivid dreams of the hunting and running as an animal through forests, undergoing your First Change as a late teen or early adulthood. You may not have even known that your family was Kinfolk (or that you had a Garou parent) until you Changed.
Mule (among others) 3 Create Element, Primal Anger, Sense Wyrm You are the offspring of two Garou, the embodiment of all that is impure according to the Litany. You spent the first years of your life in Crinos form in a sept, ignored and despised by other werewolves. As a metis, you suffer the sin of your parents through deformities and sterility, claiming neither human or wolf kin.
Feral 5 Hare’s Leap, Heightened Senses, Sense Prey You were born a wolf and raised among wolves in the wild. It was not until you were almost full grown (about two years) that you became aware of your true werewolf nature. The world of humans and their technology is alien to you, and you depend heavily on your well-honed animal instincts.

(Laws of the Wild (Revised), pp. 67-8)