Sarah Beauregarde Rumors


  • Sarah believes Bailey Simons is a home wrecker and not at all what most people believe her to be.
  • Sarah and Bailey went off to talk and actually both returned breathing.
  • Sarah is one psycho bitch!
  • Sarah seduced Zig to try to get pregnant and force him to be with her.
  • Some say Sarah attacked Bailey while others just say she called her every name there is.
  • Sarah is not on speaking terms with her parents because she refused to give up Zeke.
  • Sarah once shot Zig in the butt for $200.00.
  • Sarah must be a masochist, otherwise there is no way she would put up with Zig.
  • Sarah and Bailey are plotting something truly horrible!
  • Jessica Highland is out to make Sarah's life a living hell.
  • After Zig abandoned Sarah and Zeke for a second time he tried to force her to take him back with threats of disowning Zeke.
  • Shortly after Zig abandoned Sarah and Zeke for the second time Bogie and Bailey set her up with Calvin Baer.
  • Sarah is rumored to be pregnant. Some say with her ex-mate's child while others say Calvin already got her knocked up.
  • Sarah was stolen from Zig by Calvin, or something like that, according to Zig.