The Gymnastics Room

The Gymnastics Room

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Channel #Ls_Gymnastic's_Room

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On the first floor of the Hall.

* Those With Access:
* Everyone but young kids should be with an adult

  • Regulars:
    • Nicole who teaches Gymnastics to the kids
    • Adia who also helps teach

Gymnastics Equipment used
*Pommeled Horse r_250x250.jpg

  • Beam y_250x250.jpg
  • Still Rings Rings.jpeg
  • Parallel Bars 2521655_20091008371_large.jpg
  • Floor 440px-Double_ring_leap.jpg
  • Uneven Bars 800px-Skubik_on_Uneven_Bars_2006.JPG
  • Vault 400px-PIked_Tsukahara_L9_Reginals.jpg

Listing of what is taught

Moves and Positions

Some moves and positions in gymnastics are:

1.Aerials- Any move performed without your hands touching the floor.

2.Back Handspring- A flip of the body onto both hands with the legs following as a pair. The gymnast begins and ends in a standing position.

3.Backward Somersault- A backward roll on the floor or beam with your knees tucked. The aerial move is called a back salto.

4.Back Walkover- Kicking your legs over your head from a bridge or backbend with your hands on the floor.

5.Cartwheel- A basic move in which hands are placed sideways on the ground, one hand after the other with each leg following.

6.Front Handspring- A forward flip onto both hands with the feet following as a pair. Beginning and ending in a standing position.

7.Front Hip Pullover- A mount used on the uneven or parallel bars. The body is supported on the hands with the hips resting on either bar. This move is usually combined with a hip circle.

8.Hip Circle- A move made by circling on either the uneven or parallel bars with the hips touching the bar. If the hips do not touch the bar then this move is called a clear hip circle.

9.Front Pike Somersault- A forward somersault performed with knees kept straight.

10.Forward Somersault- A forward body roll on the floor or beam with knees tucked in. The aerial move is called a salto.

11.Front Split- A split where one leg is forward and one is in the back.

12.Front Walkover- A move by kicking over from a handstand bringing your chest up.

13.Handstand- A move where the body is supported on the hands with the arms straight and the body vertical.

14.Layout- An extension of the body to its full length, usually performed during an aerial move.

15.Pike- Any move where knees are straight and body is bent.

16.Roundoff- A move similar to a cartwheel but with a half twist. The legs snap down in a pair landing in the direction you started.

17.Salto- Another name for a somersault.

18.Somi-and-a- Half- A one and a half somersault.

19.Sticking- Referring to a dismount or a final move that is performed without taking additional steps after landing.

20.Straddle- A position in which the gymnast's legs are far apart at each side.

21.Straddle Split- A split where legs are out at each side. The move is used in all of the four women's events.

22.Straddle Swing- A swinging movement on the uneven or parallel bars where the legs are extended at each side.

23.Swedish Fall- A move where the gymnast does a free fall drop straight to the ground. The hands shoot out at the last second. This is usually performed on the bars.

24.Tuck- A move where the knees are brought up to the chest.

25.Yurchenko- A mount for the vault, in which the gymnast does a roundoff onto the springboard.

There is leotards and gym equipment there as well for people to.

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