Bone Gnawers

Bone Gnawers


Scavengers and vagabonds of society, usually found on the streets in major cities, the Gnawers are looked down upon by most of their Garou-kin.

If you asked the member of any other tribe which Garou are furthest from Gaia, fingers would unerringly point to the Bone Gnawers, who live in sewers, garbage dumps and slums in the greatest cities of the World of Darkness. But the Bone Gnawers know the truth. Gaia isn’t just in the virgin timberland or at the top of a craggy peak: Gaia is in the city, too. Unlike their cousins, the Bone Gnawers fight for Gaia every day. The Wyrm is at its strongest in the heart of great cities, and so it is there that Gaia is at Her weakest and in most need of defense.

Totem: Rat

Wolf Form: Bone Gnawers are mangy mutts; their coats usually exhibit the marks of their mixed background, showing two or three patterns and colors. They are often flea-bitten; small Bone Gnawers may try to pass themselves off as (big) stray dogs, but it is hard to conceal their lupine heritage.

Bone Gnawers Garou
Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Dakota Mischief's Pride Bone Gnawers Ragabash Cliath Lupus PC
Dunkin Donuts Find the City Heart, Sacrifice for Gaia, Laugh At Defeat, Lie about His Deed Bone Gnawers Ragabash Elder Homid City Warder PC
Jamie Wolf Bone Gnawers Ragabash Athro Homid PC
Bone Gnawers Kinfolk
Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Becca Slade Bone Gnawers Homid PC
Juliet Bone Gnawers & Get of Fenris Homid NPC
Bone Gnawers Children
Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes