These Celtic Garou are celebrated as the bards and warriors of Britain, Ireland and Scotland, and love battle and celebration with equal vigor.

Many onlookers suspect that the blood of the Fair Folk runs in the veins of the Fianna tribe; these Garou share an ancestral home with the legendary fae in the British Isles, and have the same love of a good song and strong drink as those mythical creatures. The Fianna are master storytellers - a good Fianna yam, whether true or not, will set you back a case of beer and half a night, and you’ll wonder where the time went as you stumble to the door.

Totem: Stag

Wolf Form: When in Lupus, the Fianna are terrifying to unprepared homids: They seem to be the dire wolves of old, with shining red or black fur. Their howls can rend the heart for their beauty and sadness.

Fianna Garou
Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Angus Buchanan Fists of Thunder Fianna Ahroun Fostern Homid PC
Anton Federov
Bridget McFin
Fiona The Forgotten One, Talks with Herself, Stares Back from the Abyss Fianna Ahroun Adren Metis PC
Mickey O'Rourke Bellows the Wyrms Bane Fianna Galliard Fostern Homid PC
Tobias Trevinson
Fianna Kinfolk
Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Catriona O'Rourke Fianna Homid PC
Connor O`Reilly Husband of Alexandra O'Reilly Fianna Homid PC
Emma Wolf Wife of Jamie Wolf Fianna (Associated with Bone Gnawers) Homid NPC
Kenzie Gibbs Fianna Homid PC
Patrick Keenan Husband to Rebecca Keenan (aka Mama Ankle Biter) Fianna Homid PC
Sophie Wolf Daughter of Emma and Step-daughter of Jamie Fianna (Associated with Bone Gnawers) Homid NPC
Fianna Children
Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes