Shadow Lords

Shadow Lords


"Cunning and power-hungry, the Shadow Lords are always searching for new ways to strip the Silver Fangs of the reins of leadership over the Garou tribes."

"The Shadow Lords cultivate an air of menace in the same way that a Child of Gaia cultivates her herb garden. Dark, looming, brooding - such traits personify these Garou of Eastern European descent. The Shadow Lords know with precise certainty that they are more qualified to lead the Garou Nation than the Silver Fangs; the Fangs’ leadership consists of doddering old fools, lost in yesterday’s glory, they say. They hold themselves to be the guardians of the Litany, well-versed in the “correct” interpretations of the tenets. Above all, they respect power and strength; the weak are worth only disdain or a swift death."

Totem: Grandfather Thunder

Wolf Form: "A lupus-form Shadow lord retains his hauteur and arrogance. The Lord is typically black-furred and broad-shouldered, with an air of smoldering menace about him. Most spend time as Lupus during bleak, rainy days."

Shadow Lords Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Alexander Shadow Lords Theurge Fostern Homid PC
Antony Parkins Shadow Lords Ragabash Cliath Homid PC
Arashi Shadow Lords Ragabash Fostern Lupus PC
Daciana Emilianescu Belladonna's Mistress, Stalks the Wyrm Shadow Lords Ahroun Fostern Homid Sept Beta, Eldest Shadow Lord PC Eldest Shadow Lord
Nikolay Dimitrov Quotes the Litany Shadow Lords Philodox Fostern Homid PC

Shadow Lords Kinfolk

Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Bethany Daciana's Ward Shadow Lord Homid NPC
Jocelyn Constantin Shadow Lords Homid PC
Kyera Amaris Santiago Alexander's Ward Possibly Mate ?? Shadow Lords Homid PC

Shadow Lords Children

Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes