Silver Fangs

Silver Fangs


"Regal and prestigious, they are considered the nobles of the Nation, but inbreeding has tainted the tribe with madness."

"The Silver Fangs are the traditional rulers of the Garou Nation. Their Kinfolk hail from the most highly placed noble families in Europe, northern Africa and western Asia, and their regal blood and pure breed are obvious to any Garou they encounter. At the same time, the Silver Fangs' continued breeding among the same noble families has concentrated some mental eccentricities within the tribe; in the modern days, few Silver Fangs have all of their mental faculties. Some see visions of the tribe's heroic past, others lose memories, and others have even more dangerous derangements."

Totem: Falcon

Wolf Form: "The wolf form of a Silver Fang is suitably majestic, especially given the tribe’s strong bloodlines. With mighty jaws and lush tails, they command attention as easily in lupus form as in homid or Crinos. Their fur is usually silver or white."

Silver Fangs Garou

Name Deed Name Tribe Auspice Rank Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Adelaida Pajari Buffy the Wyrm Slayer / Faces the Fire Ahroun Silver Fangs Cliath Homid Unofficial Helper to the Den Parent PC
Piotr Sokolov
Silvermoon Pride's Teeth, Gaia's Light Silver Fangs Ahroun Fostern Lupus PC

Silver Fangs Kinfolk

Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Jennifer Hope-Leigh Moore Wife of Zoe, 2nd Mate of Peacemaker Silver Fang PB, Protected by Glass Walkers Homid PC
Katia Ivonava Mate of Piotr Silver Fangs Homid PC
Vladislav Biryukov Husband of Adelaida Silver Fangs Homid PC

Silver Fangs Children

Name Relation Tribe Breed Position PC/NPC Notes
Ashley Piotrov Daughter of Piotr and Katia Silver Fangs Homid NPC Child of PCs
Embersky, Luna's Shadow, Kimiko, Kioshi(male), Kodo(male), and Podo Silvermoon's 2008 Litter and Pack Silver Fangs Lupus NPC Children of PC
Jacob Mathew Cipriani 2nd Son of Jennifer Hope and Peacemaker Glass Walkers, Silver Fang PB Homid NPC Child of PCs
Sean Patrick Cipriani 1st Son of Jennifer Hope and Peacemaker Glass Walkers, Silver Fang PB Homid NPC Child of PCs